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1972 GMC 4X4 Restoration By Red Line Restoration

This is a 1972 GMC 4X4 Full Restoration, being restored by Red Line Restoration for Merrill Eniss. Dat 1.


1972 GMC Restoration

Merrill’s 1972 GMC Full Restoration


This truck came in for a full restoration about 1.5 years ago and we were hit with supply chain issues and have been waiting 10 months for a parts order.

This is Merrill’s first truck the purchased back in 1972 and it is a very rare truck, there just weren’t very many built. 

We upgraded the engine to a 383 stroker and added four-wheel disc brakes along with Holley Sniper fuel injection.

High-Performance Engine

This is the 383 435 HP small block Chevy,

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High Performance Engine

Bracing the cab for removal.

Bracing The Cab For Removal

Bracing the cab for removal is part of the process, you use square tube and cross brace the cab to stop it from wobbling after you remove the floorboards.

Bed removed form the frame.

Bed Removal

This is the removal of the bed from the frame.

Removing the cab.

Removing The Cab From The Truck

This is where we removed the cab from the truck, this is when the process gets really involved.

Mounting the cab on the rotisserie

Mounting The Cab On The Rotisserie

Mounting the cab on the rotisserie and getting ready to install the floorboard.

Installing the floorboard

Installing The New Floorboard

This is a huge step in the process, of installing the new floorboard.

Repair the b-pillar

Body Repair & Sheet Metal

Repairing the rust in the B-Pillar is another huge step forward, and the process marches on.